This is the website of Arthur D. Larason. On this site you will find pictures of my handcrafted nautical creations. I build from scratch of my own design miniature yachts suitable for radio control applications or just for display. My boats are unique, built just like a real wooden boats and they are collectables built to last for several generations. I have many years of experiance working in yacht repair and construction in south Florida. I also have a lifetime of experiance building all kinds of wood and plastic models.
I also build from scratch and with no plans or instructions vikingwarships modeled after the 1000 year old viking ships on display in Norway. My vikingships are like my mini yachts, unique museum quality replicas of the real thing. They are labor intensive and require skills obtainable only by years of experiance and practice.
You will also find on this site stories of my time in the U.S. Marine Corp and stories of my experiance as a commercial helicopter pilot.
Many of my creations will be available for sale. They will not be cheap but will be priced about half of their worth. Building them is a labor of love and not just to make money. So if you have time check out my site and enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

This site is new as of march 2013 and will gradually grow with more information.
Click on the picture below for a description, Scroll down for website directory
The pictures below show boats under construction including miniature yachts and viking warships
The sound track in my vikingship videos are from MGMs 1958  "Vikings" with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis and edited by Brookings  Or. own Elmo Williams. In my opinion that was the best movie on the vikings to this day.
Contact, for any information on my boats or this site  vikingartisan@hotmail.com
Website Directory

Meet Me Page will be for my miniature Yachts. There will be units under construction and completed boats ready for sale. You will find photos of my miniature yachts there.

Portfolio Page will be for my viking warships again boats under construction and completed boats will be listed. You will also find photos of my warships there.

Services Page is my Marine Corp Page and will list my experiances during my enlistment which included Boot Camp at MCRD San Diego Calif. Golf Battery 12th Marines
K-Bay Hawaii, Company B 3rd Recon Battalion 4th Marines also K-Bay Hawaii. My last unit after schooling was Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 261 at New River North Carolina. We were in Viet Nam 1965-66.

The Blank Page will be for stories of my days as a commercial helicopter pilot which included training at Gettysburg Pa. Flying sightseeing rides at Miami Beach Florida and the Grand Canyon. TV News and traffic reporting at St Louis Mo. Flying Coal miners from Lexington Ky. Offshore oil rigs at Lafayette La. and I flew spotter off of a Campbell Tuna Seiner out of Panama.
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